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DrGolf is Senior Champion
Order of Merit 2021/22


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30 years Gary Player Golf Academy
30 years ago, Volker started the Gary Player Golf Academy for the golf legend. The recipe for golf success of the international golf superstar Gary Player is based on the three dimensional approach:

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Mental Attitude – Fitness –  Golf Technique.

garyplayerOn this basis, all training tools and training programs were developed, which taught specially trained golf pros in the worldwide golf academies. Through the close cooperation with Gary Player, Volker has been able to get to know the best golf experts and golf pros worldwide, from which he still benefits today.

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For Better Golf
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Dr Golf Pro Tips

Volker - Angelika - Tobias - Luis
organized the

Lions Golf World Championship 2015
at Villa Padierna Golf Resort
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Dr.Golf wins Pro-Am
with Hilary, Angelika & Ulrike
Nov.24th 2012
El Higueral Golf Course

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Longest Shot possible


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One Million US $
Golf Charity Challenge

US$ 400,277

     since August 2011

 "DrGolf" is touring around the world
for Charity, playing the best golf courses

If you click on video below
you can see
great golf courses from his tour.

Video :    Valderrama SPAIN  
No. 1 Golf course in Europe

VideoFinaca Cortesin SPAIN 
Home of Volvo World Matchplay Championship

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Play and improve
your game with "Dr.Golf"

Dr Golf is one of the best Golf Coaches in the world and a champion golfer with his latest win of 
TORO TOUR SENIORS Order of Merit 2021/22.

Let him teach you his golf secrets in the fantastic climate of Europe at the Costa del Sol.
Dr.Golfs training methods are guaranteed to transform your game.
He knows how to help everyone from beginners to pros.
Your swing is assesed by filming you before and after a lesson giving you direct feedback allowing you to see how you have improved.


Dr. Volker Bernhardt is one of the best golf instructors in Marballa. As an educator, the golf coach began his international golf teaching career in South Africa, where Volker taught amateurs and professionals to reach the level of joining the Professional Circuits in America and Europe and even winning tournaments there. He also became the head instructor for the PGA of South Africa by educating the South African Golf Pros how to teach. For the golf legend Gary Player, Volker has developed and established afterwards the Gary Player Golf Academies worldwide. As a sports scientist he researched golf for which he received the Doctor honours and has since been known in the golf world as "Dr.Golf". The now Marbella Golf Pro is also a successful practitioner with his own tournament successes.

Marbella Golf is located in the heart of Andalusia. Here you will find not only the best weather in Europe but also the Mediterranean, the Spanish culture, lots of sun, water, beach and the wonderful golf courses. More info about Marbella.

Marbella Golfing. Most golfers in Europe travel at least during the winter periods to Andalucia and mainly to Marbella to play golf in the sunshine and on outstanding golf courses, mostly in perfect playing conditions. Dr. Golf offers for this golf clientel the following programs: Play and Practice like a Pro, Play against the Golf Pro, Game Analysis.

Training and Learning Programs: To get in touch with the golf game the Marbella Golf Introductory Course is on offer, ideal for a company or society outing. The golf beginner can start with the Introductory Course with the target to get the player to a level he or she can play on the golf course by him/herself by following the rules and etiquette of the game. The Intermediate Course will guide the player to achieve a handicap during small tournaments. During the Advanced Course the player will be educated by the three dimensional learning approach: Mental Golf – Technical Improvements – Golf Fitness. Play and Practice like a Pro is for the real achiever and to improve the game even for already professionals. Golfers who are not sure where to improve their game, the Marbella Golf Academy is offering the Game Analysis Golf Program. Individual Golf Coaching leads of course fastest to success.

Special Golf Training & Playing Programs
: The three dimensional Training program: Mental – Technique – Fitness is backed up with Computer supported movement analysis and lots of collateral training materials like Training Booklets, Golf books like: Mental Keys for Golf Success, Dr. Golf Fitness, Dr.Golf Learning Cards and CD`s. Who likes to challenge the famous Dr.Golf Pro during a match can do so by booking: Beat the Pro.

Golf Mental Training: Dr. Volker Bernhardt is a well known Sport Psychologist who has been trained especially as a mental golf coach. The book: "The Mental Keys for Golf Success" will help you as a golfer. You can download this book in the Shop. Under the Info button you can get a taste on Golf Mental Training. All offered training courses by Dr.Golf integrate to the offered level a degree of the Mental Golf Training: Introductory Course, Intermediate Course, Advanced Course, Play and Practice like a Pro.

Golf Tests: Dr. Volker Bernhardt has developed during his scientific work Golf Tests that reveal the weaknesses of any golfer in the Mental, Fitness and Skill areas. In the books of Dr. Golf Tests, Dr.Golf Fitness, The Mental Keys for Golf Success you will find some Tests the Golf Doctor has developed.

Golf Shop: Simply click on the button Shop where you can download these books: Dr. Golf Tests, Dr.Golf Fitness, The Mental Keys for Golf Success and the Dr.Golf Learning Cards for a small nominal fee. We recommend in Marbella for the supply of golf clubs: Golf Friends and golf apparel: Golfino.

Marbella Golf Training in Groups: Most golfers love to learn in small groups at Marbella Golf Academy. It offers the opportunity to meet golfers who play golf at a similar level. The social aspect will help learning next to other players and of course it is fun to play and practice together. Golf Group Training programs on offer are: Introductory Course, Intermediate Course, Advanced Course, Play and Practice like a Pro.

Marbella Golf Research Program
: Dr. Volker Bernhardt, particularly did scientific research work in the golf sport and conducted empirical studies. The Golf Studies in the beginner area in terms of performance issues, and injury aspects, show that golf should begin with short strokes. The result of his work showed the fastest possible learning success to achieve the educational proficiency certificate in golf. Introductory Course

Marbella Golf Properties ( shows a vast selection on golf properties being on the market, some of which are to buy on good terms. There are many properties in the vicinity of the golf courses or directly adjacent to a golf course. Most golfers would like to possess a home on a golf course in the Golf Mecca of Europe. The place with the ideal golf weather, mostly sunny with water and beaches for the family in the immediate vicinity. With our vast golf and property experience we are sure we can help you finding your dream home along the Costa del Golf. Just click on

Dr.Golf Charity: likes to help the not so fortunate. Dr.Golf`s target is the magic number of one million U.S. dollars to organize for charity. His scheme is to play with rich people or sponsors on the best golf courses around the world, who are donating money for the suffering creatures of this planet. In just eight games already U.S. $ 22,227 have been achieved. These games have been played at: Capital Golf Club (Lithuania), Finca Cortesin (Spain), Valderrama (Spain), Marbella Club Resort (Spain), Abu Dhabi Golf Club (Abu Dahai), Emirates Golf Club (Dubai), Black Mountain (Thailand) Red Mountain (Thailand).
Dr. Golf has also organized golf tournaments for various Charities. His biggest success was with Lions Clubs International the largest Charity organisation world wide.
With his Team Dr.Golf organized the Lions Golf World Championship 2015 and four other events on European and World Cup level.

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Check donation at Valderrama

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Dr. Volker Bernhardt

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Dr.Golf's most recent Tournament win -Atalaya Spanish Senior Masters 2010.

Trainer at amateur and Pro level

German PGA members since 1978

German junior champion 1974

German National team

Pro tour player

Scientifc golf researcher

Sports Diploma

Sports Phsycologist

Dr. Phil. Doctorate

Bernard Langer with "Dr.Golf"

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World Champion
Gary Player &
Dr. Volker Bernhardt


Swing Analysis


Dr.Golf World Trips

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Practice & Play like the Pros


Big winner Aurelijus

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British Open Champion 2011
Darren Clark & Dr.Golf

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Ryder Cup Captain 2021

Patrick Harrington
with Dr.Golf

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