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Black Mountain,
an unbelievable experience


The drive from the Hua Hin Hyatt Hotel in Thailand was a small adventure in itself but after twenty minutes we could see the Black Mountain. Everything underneath the mountain is a pure dream. The club house built in a generous, very open style. The shiny black marble is overwhelming. The golden color of the logo BM jumps out of the black background right into your eyes, similarly with the green and blue areas below this big black mountain.
The fairways on this very special golf terrain are better than the greens of most golf courses on the planet, with a very short cut of the very green grass. The best however are the water hazards. The blue water flows over waterfalls in small rivers into little lakes. It is a magic water show on more or less every hole. You need to place the ball well otherwise your ball will make contact with the magic and your final score will be a wet one. The greens are fast but hold the chosen line well. The course provides everything for a great performance.

Gerhard Cammann, one of our crew members had quite a special day. Inspired by the beauty of this course, by the first Par 5 he achieved his mission impossible. With a great drive and another second outstanding fairway shot Gerhard had only 90 meters left to the flag. The approach shot, his normal weakness, this time came good. The ball rose straight up into the air, came softly down, jumped only once and disappeared in the hole. The watching Eagle at the club house in Abu Dhabi must have been in his mind just before the shot. We’re calling Gerhard the Eagle King now having become champion of the day and from that special moment a golfer to be reckoned with. Now Gerhard believes that everything is possible in this game.

The president with his board members of the Hua Hin Rotary club were also happy after receiving the US $ 2000 check from Peter Siebenborn and Dr. Volker Bernhardt. The money will be used for a water pump to produce fresh water for school children in the poor area of Hua Hin.

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Black Mountain Beauty

Super Caddy


Waterfalls and very well maintained greens


Eagle King Gerhard Cammann