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Advanced Course - 5 days
(210 Minutes daily)

Playing Ability:

Ladies:  Handicap - 32

Gentlemen:  Handicap - 24.

Target:Improvement of handicap to that of a succesful tournament player.

The course will be conducted by Dr.Volker Bernhardt.

With the success-programme of the Dr.Golf Academy this course will prepare you for improving your handicap or tournament golf.

You'll improve the basic shots of the golf game (putting, chipping, pitching, 1/2 & 3/4 swing, full-swing and bunker-shots), and you'll learn how to deal with the uneven lies. A swing analysis with high-tech video equipment will support the technique training. Training-devices, developed by Dr.Golf, will help you to find the required movement by including all relevant senses (feeling, seeing, hearing).


Besides learning the different Golf-shots you'll experience the correct mental approach for playing under pressure.

Individual Golf-fitness programmes are part of the advanced golf-programme.


Programme (Starting times: Mornings - 09.00 or Afternoons - 14.00)

Achieve your handicap.

See your swing on video


Find Your Power


Tag Morn. A'noon Contents
1 09.00 14.00 Introduction / motivation / targets
9 holes with game analysis
12.30 17.30 Swing analysis with high-tech video equipment
2 09.00 14.00 Planning of training & Concentration
Pre-shot routines for Putting, Chipping, Pitching
Long game
12.30 17.30 Exercises for golf flexibility
3 09.00 14.00 Confidence & relaxation
Short game and bunker shots
12.30 17.30 9 holes with game analysis & strategy
4 09.00 14.00 Emotions
Short game competition
3/4 swing and full swing
12.30 17.30 Exercises for more golf strength
5 09.00 14.00 Winning
9 holes with game analysis
12.30 17.30 Practice according to weakest part of game or swing analysis with high-tech video equipment
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