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Real Estate

Now is the time to acquire many good properties in Spain. Historically there was a rush to buy property on speculation, in the hope of doubling your investment in one or two years. Great for a while but we live in a new reality now. Banks no longer lend and many investors have over extended themselves. Theres a lot of people who have to sell quickly. This has created a new opportunity for those who are liquid and have cash. Its a cliche but cash really is king.

With prices at rock bottom you can get a  rental return on property in Spain that makes sense like never before. Especially in Andalucia. When there's sun, sea, golf, versatile food, good infrastructure and Andalucian weather the demand for long term and holiday accomdation is strong.

 Add in the dreaded threat of nuclear reactors in Northern European and you have another reason to be here. With over 320 sunny days there is enough solar energy to all areas of life.

Great Deal

Marbella / El Paraiso

1 bedroom apartment with bathroom
55 m2 plus terracee
In beautiful residential complax
Close to all amenities and facilities

Property A-041 Price: € 98.000

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in the sun



 Living room and terrace


Double bedroom