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Game Analysis

First analyze and then correct

If you already have a handicap as a golfer and wish to improve your skill level, then  Dr. Volker Bernhardt "Dr.Golf" recommends an analysis game. Only during the a game on the course the golf coach can analyze accurately where the players weaknesses are in each of the three key areas: Mental approach including course strategy, technical skills and your golf fitness level.

Dr. Volker Bernhardt has developed an analysis program to highlight the weaknesses of each player after just 18 holes of golf. In his book, "Dr.Golf tests" available from the shop on this website down loadable as an e-book, you can read a more detailed account of the technique.

However, you can arrange to meet directly with "Dr.Golf" for the 18 hole match analysis.

Price for the 18 holes match analysis with "Dr.Golf: € 300
(green fees included).

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